About Seam Work


Creating a space where like-minded makers can meet up, share experiences and create is the dream behind Seam Work.

Adrienne Klenck has been quilting and making for twenty years. In 2013 she founded the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild, where she served as President for several years and supported the growth of the Guild to 65 members strong. Adrienne's Guild experience lead to teaching and opening an Etsy shop in 2016.

In 2017, Adrienne and her husband Max started on an entrepreneurial journey and opened Urban Gardens Limited, a Garden Store in Downtown Dartmouth specializing in Traditional, Organic, Hydroponic and Aquaponic gardening equipment. In that same building, studio space was available and they began building Seam Work later in the same year.

Growing your own food, building your garden, and making your own quilts and garments seem to go hand in hand. Urban homesteading in downtown Dartmouth!

Seam Work opened its doors officially in January 2018 to offer the Dartmouth Handmade Community a vibrant and inspiring co-working space where friendships will be formed over needle and thread.

Being a family run business, Seam Work will have flexible business hours scheduled around Classes and Open Studio Time where hourly sewing machine rentals are available. Check our Calendar for up-to-date classes and open studio time. 

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Seam Work on Etsy

Seam Work designs and makes quilts and other textile goods in our home and sewing Studio in Downtown Dartmouth. You can contact us with custom order requests, and you can visit our Etsy Shop.